Good News from S4KF and ConnectWise

Food Insecure Participants Get Help from ConnectWise

Success 4 Kids & Families (S4KF) is an award-winning non-profit that helps children and families by providing family centered behavioral health and education services. Two of our most innovative programs are Florida Healthy Transitions and Healthy Minds, both funded through Central Florida Behavioral Health Network (CFBHN) with Department of Children and Families dollars. Healthy Transitions serves youth and young adults ages 16 to 25 who are experiencing emotional/behavioral challenges. Healthy Minds works with individuals and their families who are within two years of experiencing their first psychotic episode. While S4KF is accustomed to aiding in their mental health needs, during the COVID pandemic, many of these vulnerable families are also experiencing the need for assistance with basic needs such as food.

S4KF has had a long-standing relationship with ConnectWise, a locally based international technology company. For many years they have been a major contributor to the holiday food and gift drive. This year they provided gifts to over 100 children and meals for over 40 families. It has been a great for-profit corporate/non-profit relationship.

ConnectWise values their employees and provides a wide variety of benefits to them, one of which is a well-stocked break room with lots of snacks. When it was apparent that it would be some time before their employees would return, ConnectWise donated their snacks so that S4KF could distribute them to clients who were in need.

The perishable items came first…and it was amazing…cheese, hummus, yogurt. They donated enough to feed 5 very grateful families. A few weeks later, ConnectWise donated the non-perishable snack items. When staff at S4KF saw the amount they had to donate, they were taken back! ConnectWise had donated granola bars, pretzels, popcorn, protein bars, cereal, and other snack items. This batch was so large, it filled up an entire room at S4KF’s office. Fourteen participants and families from Healthy Transitions and Healthy Minds were identified who were in great need. Over the last two weeks our S4KF staff delivered these snacks to those they serve. S4KF (and CFBHN!)  are very grateful!

S4KF can and will continue to assist them with their emotional needs. All of us are happy that these “snacks” helped lift their spirits and provided needed nutrition in these very uncertain times.

The following is a quote from Kathy Smith, ConnectWise’s Philanthropic and Leadership Development Advisor:

“When ConnectWise closed their offices in response to the pandemic, we had a large stock of perishable food in our break room kitchens. Not wanting to see that food go to waste, a ConnectWise colleague suggested that we reach out to one of our community partners to see if they would be able to distribute the unused food.

In the over a decade that we have partnered with Success 4 Kids and Families we have become aware of the needs of the families that they serve and felt that they would be the best organization to contact to distribute the unused food.

Success 4 Kids and Families was able to provide food for 19 families in this special time of need.”

The following are quotes from participants who benefited from the donation:

“K” said, “First, I didn’t know it was going to be so much. I was shocked when I saw it. It saves me so much money from having to get snacks for my son, now I can focus on just getting food for us. That made a big difference to me! Thank you so much!”

“C”, said, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much this helps! And these are really good snacks!”

“J” said, “I appreciate everything, and I enjoyed all of it!”

“B” said, “I highly appreciate the snacks that Healthy Transitions provided for my family especially during these difficult times. It was a great experience being a part in this. There was a wide variety of snacks in which we are truly grateful for.”

From S4KF staff:

From the Youth Coordinator: “Delivering snacks to our participants while physically distancing, meant a lot especially since our work since the pandemic has been remote. It was nice to see their smiles as I waved good-bye in my car after dropping off huge boxes of food. It is important to acknowledge the work we can do as a community to uplift others and support one another during this time of uncertainty. This sense of solidarity and comradery is a reflection of hope.”

From the Lead Transition Specialist: “I didn’t get to make the deliveries, but I was able to identify the participants I work with who were in need of the supplies. To receive their calls and texts after they received the snacks, that were fill with joy and thanks was amazing. That’s a joy they haven’t been able to experience since the beginning of Covid19.”