What are Substance Abuse Prevention Partners?

Prevention Partners work to educate and support individuals and communities to prevent the use and misuse of drugs and the development of substance use disorders. Substance use and mental disorders can make daily activities difficult and impair a person’s ability to work, interact with family, and fulfill other major life functions. Because mental and substance use disorders are among the top conditions that cause disability in the United State, preventing mental and/or substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders and related problems is critical to behavioral and physical health. Prevention and early intervention strategies can reduce the negative impact of substance use and mental disorders in America’s communities.

Parents have a significant influence in their children’s decisions to experiment with alcohol and other drugs

One of the most influential factors during a child’s adolescence is maintaining a strong, open relationship with a parent. When parents create supportive and nurturing environments, children make better decisions. Though it may not always seem like it, children really hear their parents’ concerns, which is why it’s important that parents discuss the risks of using alcohol and other drugs.

If you are a parent or a youth looking for more information about prevention programs in your community, we have Prevention Partners here to help you.

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