Per Chapter 394 Florida Statutes, CFBHN is not required to competitively procure network providers.  CFBHN posts procurement opportunities on our website here:  Additionally, all procurement notices are sent out via e-mail to all CFBHN network providers, stakeholders and anyone else who has requested to be added to our distribution list.  If you are not currently on our list and would like to be added, please send your contact information to  CFBHN’s current procurement policies and procedures are posted below. 

Current providers are evaluated on the CFBHN Scorecard, through audits and ongoing reviews. 

Non-network providers who are interested in joining the CFBHN network should review the below credentialing policy and contact for more information.

Prospective Provider Review and Credentialing

Competitive Procurement Process

Financial Risk Assessment Policy

Guidelines for Contracting New Funding

Procurement Dispute and Protest

The Florida Children’s System of Care is a partnership between state and community stakeholders from child-serving systems working to transform the children’s mental health system into a coordinated and integrated continuum that is: youth-guided, family driven, community based, and culturally and linguistically competent. It encourages every individual in Florida to be one person that makes a difference by supporting wellness and mental health for all of Florida’s children.

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