Needs Assessment

2020-2021 Annual Report


2019-2020 Annual Report


2018-2019 Annual Report

The Needs Assessment is completed every three years. This past cycle saw all Managing Entities in Florida working together to standardize the survey mechanism and produce the final report. The report has been submitted to Department of Children and Families and shared with the communities served by the Managing Entities. Information gathered about the system of care will be used to improve service delivery.
Managing: CFBHN contracts for services through its provider network. Develops, manages and validates the evolving system of care to address circuit priorities.
Quality: Services are provided in a manner that are accessible & produce successful outcomes for individuals, families and circuits.
System of Care: The system of care developed & managed by CFBHN includes prevention (all populations) and behavioral health treatment and recovery support services for the indigent, uninsured priority populations defined by the funder.
Help: Services are provided at the right time, in the right amount and at the right level.
DCF Priority Populations

Children with serious mental health issues

IV drug users/ opioid

Parents and caregivers involved with child welfare

Parents putting children at risk as a result of mental illness or substance use

Persons living with co-occurring disorders

Persons living with serious and persistent mental illness

Pregnant women and women with children

Those individuals participating in the high need/high utilization program

Young adults

Hope: People living with mental illness, substance use, and co-occurring disorders can and do recover and have the opportunity to live meaningful lives.