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Some people talk about brand and refer to slogans and logos. But brand is so much
more than these simple items. Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and say,
everything we print and broadcast.

Brand is about the emotional connection and represents both how we describe ourselves and how we
accomplish our mission. It is the message we send to our partners and community stakeholders as well
as our funders. It is the high quality each and every employee provides to their work on a daily basis
and how we approach challenges and opportunities.

What is the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network brand? It is all of us individually and together. It is
important that we articulate our brand and establish clear and compelling guidelines for ourselves and
our partners.

As the Managing Entity, CFBHN manages subcontracts with community partners and stakeholders for
funding from the Department of Children & Families. Under contract there are two required sections
specifying use of logo and requiring name credit – Sponsorship and Publicity.


Publication or statement of sponsorship. Any subcontract which sponsors a program financed partially by
the Managing Entity or the Department of Children and Families funds or funds obtained from a state
agency shall, in publicizing, advertising, or describing the sponsorship of the program, state: “Sponsored
by (insert name of organization) and “Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, Inc.” and “State of
Florida.” If the sponsorship reference is in written material, the words “Central Florida Behavioral Health
Network, Inc.” and “State of Florida” shall appear in the same size letters as name of organization.


The subcontractor and its employees, agents and representatives will not, without prior approval from
the Managing Entity (ME) or the Department of Children & Families (DCF) via written consent in each
instance use in advertising, publicity, or any other promotional endeavor logos of the ME or DCF. The
subcontractor agrees that it will not alter in any way the logos of the ME or DCF in the referenced use.

Visual Identity Guidelines

To accommodate the technical needs of various media, there are versions of the CFBHN logo for
use in print and digital applications.

In all applications, the logo should be reproduced at a size that maintains the integrity of the mark
and yields clean and legible lettering and art detail. The minimum size for the logo in most
applications is 3/4-inch wide. There must be sufficient space around the logo to make it stand
apart from other visual elements. Text, headlines, photographs, or illustrations should never be
closer to the logo than 1/4 the size of the logo.

When appropriate, logos of non-CFBHN partner institutions (for example funding partners) may
also be included in communication materials, as long as the CFBHN’s logo’s safety area is

In using the name of CFBHN (in any and all media) use “Central Florida Behavioral Health
Network, Inc.” on first reference, and “CFBHN” on second reference. Always use these formal,
official versions of the CFBHN name; never use any other abbreviation.

NOTE – Please do not attempt to create art for the CFBHN logo for any application
Misuse of the CFBHN logo

• Do not use all caps when writing out Central Florida Behavioral Health Network. Only
use all caps when using the abbreviation CFBHN
• Do not substitute another typeface for Arial Narrow – the approved CFBHN typeface
• Do not use small caps
• Do not use different type sizes when writing out the CFBHN name or abbreviation
• Do not attempt to create art for the CFBHN logo for any application
• Do not use add letterspacing and do not tighten letterspacing

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